Ikebana Botanical Asset Collection

Introducing the Ikebana Botanical Asset Collection, a true masterpiece for artists and designers. With over 80+ hand-masked photorealistic foliage and flowers, this collection is a treasure trove of botanical wonders. Whether you’re a fan of Roses, Peregrina, Hibiscus, Heliconia, Bougainvillea, Ferns, or Palms, you’ll find a botanical dream come true.
Create stunning, lifelike arrangements with these meticulously curated assets that pay homage to the art of Ikebana, the Japanese way of floral arrangement. Elevate your projects to the next level, whether you’re working on designs, presentations, or simply exploring your artistic side. The Ikebana Botanical Asset Collection is a must-have for any creative seeking the beauty and serenity of nature in their work.
For personal use.
Free for download.
File format: .psd for Photoshop or other software.
File size: 1.3 Gb

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