Storybook Studio for Procreate

Set of texture 30 brushes for creating wonderful and magic illustrations in Procreate. 
Free for download.
For personal use.
File format: .brushset for Procreate or other software.
File size: 4 Mb.


on “Storybook Studio for Procreate
  1. I can’t download the brushes? I don’t get what you mean by “click the green button under the image”? There’s no green button? I really want to get them, cause they look amazing!

  2. HI! i would like to ask if i can use these brushes for my sticker designs for my shop? i would really like to clarify it first before using them. Thank you!!

    • Hi Louren, this item is just for personal use. What does “Personal use” mean?

      Personal, or Non-commercial, use is a use for solely personal purposes. For a use to be considered “Personal” it must meet all three of the following:

      The use must not involve an exchange of money
      The use must not promote a business entity (this includes non-profit organizations)
      The use must not directly or indirectly result in financial gain.

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