General Qustions

How to download files from cgispread.com?

  • Under each post you can see social media icons (like pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc). Near Pinterest icon (in the same line) you can see green circle icon with the arrow. It’s on the right side. Please press it.
  • You will be redirected on file hosting website (mega.nz or zippyshare.com or other). Please press Download button there (it’s on the top).

Where is Download Button?

  • Download Button is under the post. Under tags line you will see social media icons, and near Pinterest icon, in the same line you will see green icon with the arrow. Please press it. You will be redirected to file hosting website (like mega.nz, mediafire.com, zippyshare.com etc).

Can I use files for commercial use?

  • Mostly all of the files from cgispread.com are for personal use only.

What does “Personal use” mean?

Personal, or Non-commercial, use is a use for solely personal purposes. For a use to be considered “Personal” it must meet all three of the following:

  • The use must not involve an exchange of money
  • The use must not promote a business entity (this includes non-profit organizations)
  • The use must not directly or indirectly result in financial gain.

Does a Personal License allow me to create posts for a social media account? 

  • Yes, you may use assets with a personal license for one personal or individual social media account for Non-Commercial use. You may not use it on a social media account that forwards a company or business.