Moody Matte VSCO Film Cinema Presets

A custom set of film-style presets inspired by moody, desaturated tones for the adventurous photographer. This pack has a mix of cool, neutral, and warm tones for a wide variety of editing styles. Features creamy matte blacks and soft whites. They are super versatile and work on all types of photography! You will get 12 Desktop and 12 Mobile Presets, 45 Adjustment Presets Tool Kit (includes 20 exposure values, 5 sharpening presets, 4 grain presets, 4 vibrance adjustments, 3 saturation adjustments, 3 custom white balance presets, 2 vignetting presets, 2 noise reduction presets, 1 reset grain preset and 1 reset all preset).
For personal use.
Free for download.
File format: lrtemplate, .dng forLightroom or other software.
File size: 18 Mb.

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