Fungi Mushrooms Vintage Illustration Collection

A collection of beautiful color illustrations of fungi and mushrooms carefully restored from the late 19th-century books.

This set contains 38 transparent hi-res PNG images (dimensions vary from 1731×1488 to 4067×4430 px).

These vintage illustrations will be perfect for a wide variety of projects, for example, fabric and textiles, apparel design, patterns, packaging, branding and logo design, stationery, posters and prints, Instagram graphics, etc. It’s also very suitable for decoupage and scrapbooking.


  • 38 illustrations included
  • Highly detailed
  • Transparent PNG (300dpi)

Full list of species included in this set: Agaricus Campestris (Field Mushroom), Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric), Amanita Phalloides (Death Cap), Armillaria Mellea (Honey Fungus), Boletus Edulis (Porcino), Cantharellus Cibarius (Golden Chanterelle), Clathrus Ruber, Clitopilus Prunulus (Sweetbread Mushroom), Gyromitra Esculenta, Hydnum Repandum (Sweet Tooth Mushroom), Hypholoma Fasciculare (Sulphur Tuft), Inocybe Godeyi, Lactarius Deliciosus (Red Pine Mushroom), Lactarius Torminosus (Woolly Milkcap), Lactifluus Volemus (Weeping Milk Cap), Leccinum Scabrum (Rough-Stemmed Bolete), Macrolepiota Procera (Parasol Mushroom), Morchella Elata (Black Morels), Morchella Esculenta (Yellow Morel), Phallus Impudicus (Common Stinkhorn), Ramaria Botrytis (Cauliflower Coral Mushroom), Ramaria Flava (Changle), Rubroboletus Satanas (Satan’s Bolete), Russula Emetica (Vomitting Russula), Russula Heterophylla (Greasy Green Brittlegill), Sarcodon Imbricatus (Scaly Hedgehog), Suillellus Luridus (Lurid Bolete), Suillus Luteus (Sticky Bun Mushroom), Tuber Aestivum (Summer Truffle), Tuber Melanosporum (Black Truffle)

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