Isometric Guides Brush Set for Procreate

Do you want to give your letters 3D feeling? This brushes have been made to make your life easier when it comes to draw in an isometric or volumetric way without having to spend hours just drawing your guides.┬áThe Box has 4 sets, the first set has isometric cubes and cylinders in 3×3, 3×4, and 3×5 aspect, which allow you to create letters with the proportions you want. The second set has pre-design isometric shapes which will help you to enhance your compositions. The third set has +30 volumetric cubes in views different from the isometric one. And the fourth set contains 6 seamless textures for you to give the final touch to your volumetric compositions. For personal use.
Free for download.
File format: .png, .brushset, .swatches for Photoshop or other software.
File size: 27 Mb

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