Fantasy World Tarot full deck

Introducing Fantasy Tarot full deck. There are Tarot number, card title, character name and zodiac symbol relevant to the card on each illustration. The colorful deck was created with love to the mythology and fairy tales, all the images are concrete but very fabulous and have layered meaning as Tarot cards. Each card illustrates one of the famous fictional or mythological character or creature. Witches, zombies, gods, demons, angels, vampires and many others – they are all here. The deck includes 78 colorful illustrations in jpg. Each card is 2538×4208 pixels, 600 dpi.
Free for download.
For personal use.
File format: .jpg for Photoshop or other software.
File size: 962 Mb.


on “Fantasy World Tarot full deck
  1. I have the deck but I don’t have the original book or the meaning ! Would you be able to help? Thanks in advance!

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