GoliaGolia Display Font

Goliagolia is a geometrically imperfect wavy font that’s something in-between hand lettering and the Möbius band. Each letter has been designed to have distinct details that differ from the rest of the letters while still being able to fit in the whole style of the font. This creates a less rigid type in which the imperfect hand lines meet with modern sharp curves to give the typeface an unique contrast.
Free for download.
For personal use.
File format: .otf for Photoshop or other software.
File size: 1 Mb.


on “GoliaGolia Display Font
  1. Hi there!

    I was wondering if I may use PayPal to purchase a typeface? I’m trying to use my card but it keeps getting declined, which I suspect may be due to the card not being supported by your payment console.



    • Hello Hansen! On cgispread.com you can download and use things for FREE. Just press the green button with arrow under image (in one line with social media icons). Please don’t put your card numbers on other pop-up websites, they will steal your money. Good luck!

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