The Brush Studio

Welcome to The Brush Studio, where you’ll find a delightful variety of resources to help you create designs in Adobe Illustrator with an authentic, decorative, hand-lettered look! Created with three different types of media (chalk, pencil, and ink) these amazing handmade assets will give you everything you need for your next digitally “handmade” design: 91 art brushes – 23 pencil, 26 ink, 42 chalk,15 pattern brushes – 3 ink,12 chalk 16 pattern swatches, 3 pencil, 5 ink, 8 chalk, in 2 colors each (32 total), 18 rustic scribble styles, 44 realistic hand lettering text styles – 27 in chalk, 11 in ink, 6 in pencil, 40 ornaments and 22 framing elements – all with editable strokes, 2 sets of lettering (41 Characters each) and 2 sets of catchwords (14 per set) all with editable strokes.
Free for download.
For personal use.
File format: .ai for Photoshop or other software.
File size: 190 Mb.

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