Antique Flowers Vector Graphics Set

This collection of 50 vintage flower graphics were sourced from an antique seed catalog published in the late 1800’s. Perfect for wedding invitations, logos, vintage designs, t-shirt prints. Flowers: Amaryllis, Begonia, Canna, 2 Carnations, Centaureas, Centrosema, 2 Chrysanthemums, 2 Cosmos, 2 Dahlias, Daphne Cneorum, Datura Cornucopia, Dianthus, 2 Everlastings, Freesia, 3 Geraniums, Gladiolus, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Ipomoea, Jasmine, Lantana, Marigold, Morning Glory, Pansy, Passiflora, Petunia, Pond Lilies, 2 Poppies, Portulaca, Rose of Sharon, 5 Roses, Salpiglossis, Sweet Peas, Verbena, Verbesena, Wallflowers, Zinnia. For personal use.
Free for download.
File format: .png, .eps for Illustrator or other software.
File size: 150 Mb